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Nominate Members for DBIA's 2024 National Board of Directors

On behalf of the DBIA National Board of Directors, we invite you to nominate DBIA members in good standing to the 2024 Board of Directors. We are seeking candidates who understand and support DBIA’s mission and goals and who are committed to advancing the understanding and use of design-build project delivery across all sectors and markets. DBIA strives for diverse representation within its board — including geographic, gender, racial and industry diversity — to ensure the wide-ranging skills, expertise and perspectives needed to help DBIA succeed.

Per DBIA’s bylaws, industry firm representation on the Board shall consist of a cross-section of organizational types consistent with the Institute’s objective of “promoting good relations with Owners of construction projects, both public and private, and with all disciplines and sectors within the construction industry.” To ensure such diversity, nomination of individuals representing the following firm types and/or expertise are strongly encouraged (in alphabetical order):

  • Design Firms

  • Owner Advisor Services Firms

  • Private Owners

  • Specialty/Trade Contractors

  • Water/Wastewater Sector

Serving the industry in a volunteer capacity such as that of a DBIA National Board member has rewards beyond those associated with ordinary membership. By giving time, you will help shape the future of your industry. In addition, you will meet people who will expand your thinking and contribute to your professional growth.

Submit your nomination for the 2024 DBIA National Board of Directors before the April 10, 2023, deadline.

For any questions, you can contact .


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