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Two Southwest Projects Win National Awards at the 2023 Design-Build Awards Ceremony

This year's Design-Build Conference & Expo Awards Ceremony showcased some of the most innovative and successful projects from across the country. Among the highlights were two remarkable projects from the Southwest Region that garnered prestigious accolades: RiverSouth in Austin, Texas, and Intralox Hammond in Hammond, Louisiana.

National Award for Excellence in Industrial/Process/Research Facilities:

Intralox Hammond, a 400,000 sq. ft. plastics manufacturing plant, distribution warehouse, and office space, received the National Award for Excellence in Industrial/Process/Research Facilities. This expansive project, which triples the operations of the preexisting manufacturing facility, was tailored to support Intralox L.L.C.’s specialized manufacturing processes and global distribution, especially for modular plastic conveyor belts used in various industries globally​​.

The design-build model was pivotal in this project, facilitating simultaneous design documentation and preconstruction value engineering. This approach enabled early identification of cost-saving opportunities and involved trade partners in a design-assist role, providing specialized knowledge. The team's alignment on expectations was critical in exceeding lifecycle cost goals and addressing long-term performance objectives, with a notable achievement of making 15% of the warehouse space fully functional within 10 months​​.

National Award for Excellence in Commercial/Office Buildings:

RiverSouth, a Class AA office tower located in Austin's South-Central Waterfront, has been awarded the National Award for Excellence in Commercial/Office Buildings. This project stands on a unique triangular site, surrounded by major thoroughfares and adjacent to a popular park, presenting distinctive aesthetic and engineering challenges. The architects addressed these challenges with a design that embraces the site’s distinct characteristics, featuring a stone base inspired by the limestone bluffs of the Texas Hill Country to protect against flooding​​.

The building's faceted glass façade is a work of art, reflecting the sky, park, and city, creating a visual symmetry with its surroundings. The interior offers tenants unobstructed views and the park-facing rooftop terrace and sky lounge provide panoramic city views​​. RiverSouth is significant in interconnecting the surrounding areas and aligns with the city's South-Central Waterfront Vision Framework, contributing to a network of green streets, parks, trails, and public spaces​​.

These awards are a testament to the creativity, dedication, and innovative spirit of the design-build professionals in the Southwest Region. They represent our commitment to excellence and our capacity to deliver nationally recognized projects.

Congratulations to the teams behind RiverSouth and Intralox Hammond for their inspiring work. Their achievements set a high standard in design-build excellence and make us all proud in the Southwest Region!


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