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Discover Three New and Updated Primers by DBIA

Staying at the forefront of the design-build industry, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) has recently released three new and updated primers that are essential resources for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge. These primers offer valuable insights into the latest best practices, virtual design and construction (VDC), and progressive design-build approaches. The best part is that all three primers are available for free download!

Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices for 2023:

This comprehensive guide incorporates the latest changes reflecting the evolving landscape of design-build projects. The updated recommendations equip project teams with vital guidance for delivering successful design-build projects while ensuring consistency in expectations.

The primer emphasizes four Guiding Principles: Universal Ethical Conduct, Demonstrated Competence, Sustainable Professional Development, and Supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. These principles are interwoven throughout the best practices, highlighting their significance in driving positive outcomes. Additionally, the primer offers an enhanced focus on the role of industry practitioners and clarifies the distinction between Progressive Design-Build and Best Value Design-Build procurement approaches. The updated best practices will also influence changes to DBIA's core curriculum and certification exam in the latter half of 2024.

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Primer

As technology continues to revolutionize the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, DBIA recognizes the critical importance of innovation and digital transformation. To address this, DBIA has released a new Virtual Design & Construction Primer and Position Statement. This primer focuses on leveraging VDC to maximize collaboration within design-build teams, enhancing shared visualization, data quality, and communication.

The primer includes key terminology definitions, emphasizes the value of VDC for owners, designers, and contractors, and highlights why design-build is optimal for integrating VDC. By providing these foundational documents, DBIA aims to educate and elevate its members and the industry at large about the significance of implementing VDC effectively.

Progressive Design-Build Primer

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the progressive design-build (PDB) delivery process and its key phases. PDB involves a collaborative, multi-phased approach, incorporating a qualifications-based selection method followed by progressing towards a design and contract price with the project team.

This informative resource explores the nuances of PDB, helping professionals gain a deeper understanding of this delivery process and its benefits. By sharing this knowledge, DBIA encourages industry practitioners to adopt progressive design-build approaches effectively.

DBIA's commitment to advancing the design-build industry is evident in the release of these three new and updated primers. By offering these valuable resources for free download, DBIA empowers professionals to stay updated with the latest best practices, understand the potential of virtual design and construction, and explore the intricacies of progressive design-build approaches.


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