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A Resounding Success at the 2023 Central Texas Clay Shoot!

As the dust settles and the echoes of the last shots fired fade away, we're thrilled to recount the camaraderie and competition that unfolded at the Central Texas Clay Shoot on November 15!

The Sharpshooters Stand Out

Congratulations are in full swing for the marksmen and women who took top honors in our tournament:

Best Shooter

Best Shooter
A special round of applause for our Tournament's Best Shooter: Kyle Hurst of Gordon Highlander, whose aim was unmatched.

1st Place Team 10 - Legacy Lighting Inc.

Second Place Team
Jason Balmer - Evenlite, Mark Clarke - Hensel Phelps, Mark Didway - Didway Construction Services, & Bob Munsey - Grafton Reid

2nd Place Team 22 - Alterman 2

Jon Atteberry, Leonard De Braska, Brad Guillaudeu, & Austin Moore of Alterman, Inc

3rd Place Team 28 - Pape-Dawson Engineers

Chad Sharbono of Garney Construction and Hugh Brightwell, Toby Flinn, and Brian Strickland of Pape-Dawson Engineers

The Spirited Squad Award

Team 23 - Jarco Companies Aggregates & Readymix

And let's not forget the team that may not have hit the most clays but certainly won our hearts – The Spirited Squad Award goes to Team 23 - Jarco Companies Aggregates & Readymix for embodying the fun and joy of the sport.

Dan Davis, Donald Erskine, Jennifer Longoria, & David Regalado of Jarco Readymix

Memories Made

From the laughter shared over Whiskey and Cigars to the cheers and jests exchanged at each station, it was a day to remember. Below are some snapshots capturing the spirit of the event. Thank you to Cindy Herman of Rosendin for helping to capture the event!

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended, our Committee for helping to plan this event, and our incredible volunteers who showed up to help put the event on! Your participation made the event not just a success but a testament to the community we've built in the design and construction industry.

Our sponsors also deserve a standing ovation for their generosity and support. Their commitment to the DBIA Southwest Region and its mission of advancing educational opportunities is truly commendable.


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