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Kristen Kupperman

Vice President of Design, Construction, and Facilities

Texas Medical Center

Kristen Kupperman, Vice President of Design, Construction, and Facilities at Texas Medical Center (TMC). With a 15-year track record in construction, Kristen has worked in major cities such as New York City, Chicago, Iowa City, San Diego, and Houston.

As VP of design, construction, and facilities for TMC, Kristen completed TMC Helix Park—a groundbreaking 37-acre campus that redefines collaborative research spaces. This innovative project features shared and proprietary research centers, multidisciplinary labs, and a distinctive double-helix green space accessible to the public.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience, Kristen has honed their skills in project management by directly engaging with employees, clients, subcontractors, vendors, and the medical community. Kristen’s approach involves creating synergies among diverse stakeholders, ensuring that projects not only meet the highest standards but also contribute positively to the surrounding community.

Kristen’s expertise extends beyond the realms of traditional construction, as they bring a unique blend of creativity and practicality to every project. Their commitment to sustainable and inclusive design is evident in the transformative impact of TMC Helix Park, reflecting Kristen's dedication to creating spaces that harmonize with both the scientific and social aspects of the medical community.

As Vice President of Design, Construction, and Facilities, Kristen continues to drive TMC towards new horizons, combining a rich background in construction with a passion for pushing boundaries in healthcare facility development. Their journey from major metropolises to the heart of Texas exemplifies a career devoted to shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure.

Kristen Kupperman




Building Tomorrow's Workforce: Strategies for Addressing the Construction Labor Shortage


May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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