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The Impactful Role of Lean Tools and Technology in the Design Build Process: River | South In Austin

May 2, 2024

Breakout Session 1

6:30 PM

Breakout Rooms

1 DBIA Credit Hour, 1 AIA LU

This presentation explores the impactful role of Lean Tools and Technology in the Design Build process through a case study of the DBIA National Merit Award winning project in the commercial category: River | South located in Austin, Texas. Gain valuable insights into achieving project success, meeting owner goals, and establishing new standards in integrated design-build practices. This presentation examines how Lean Tools and Technology played a significant role in providing essential information to owners, facilitating informed decisions that markedly improved project quality and positively influenced the proforma.

Addressing the challenges posed by the project's unique triangular shape, proximity to major transportation corridors, floodplain location, and adjacency to a prominent park, the design-build team adopted an innovative approach. Discover how the integrated design-build process, featuring LEAN process tools, Conceptual Model-based Estimating, Virtual Reality, and Smart Building technology, served as a key driver behind the project's success.

Uncover the practical application of LEAN strategies such as A3s, Set-Based Design, and Pull Planning. The A3 tool, serving as a succinct representation of critical project information, empowered the owner to make decisions at a glance. Learn how this tool facilitated the selection of a diaphragm wall as a retention and structural solution, addressing challenges such as a shallow water table and optimizing project outcomes.

Explore the impact of Virtual Reality during the design phase, fostering collaboration and troubleshooting potential constructability issues. Augmented Reality, integrated with drone coverage and BIM coordination during construction, ensured precise layout accuracy before concrete pours. Understand how advanced technology played a crucial role in addressing real-time challenges throughout the project lifecycle.

The incorporation of Smart Building technology emerges as a key component in achieving sustainability goals, attaining LEED GOLD certification, and enhancing the owner's ability to market and lease space to tenants. Discover how these technological advancements not only improved energy efficiency but also contributed to the project's marketability and long-term success.

Join us for a comprehensive session that illuminates the impactful role of Lean Tools and Technology in the Design Build process through a case study of the DBIA National Merit Award winning project in the commercial category: RiverSouth.


  1. Apply Lean Strategies: Participants will be able to apply practical Lean strategies such as A3s, Set-Based Design, and Pull Planning to streamline decision-making and improve efficiency in design-build projects.

  2. Evaluate Model-Based Estimating: Participants will be able to analyze and evaluate the role of Conceptual Model-based Estimating in complex construction projects, understanding its advantages and challenges, particularly through its application in the RiverSouth project.

  3. Integrate Technology in Decision Making: Participants will be able to explore and use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other advanced technologies to enhance decision-making processes, collaboration, and troubleshooting in the design-build project lifecycle.

  4. Analyze Smart Building Technology for Sustainability: Participants will be able to investigate and summarize the integration of Smart Building technology in achieving sustainability goals, such as LEED GOLD certification, and its impact on energy efficiency and project marketability.

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May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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