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Transportation & Aviation

Pioneering Urban Mobility: How Project Owners Are Shaping the Future Through Collaboration

May 2, 2024

Breakout Session 2

7:40 PM

Breakout Rooms

1 DBIA Credit Hour, 1 AIA LU

In this session, attendees will have a unique opportunity to listen to prominent project owners in the transportation sector from across Texas. The panelists will share their current and upcoming projects, project challenges, and considerations when making delivery model decisions. This will provide participants with a deep understanding of the Owner’s perspective on capital project delivery and the opportunities to collaborate with industry to overcome the challenges in the current market environment. The discussion will also focus on upcoming project opportunities, offering rare insight into the ever-evolving landscape of transportation development.


  1. Identify and describe best practices in collaborative delivery from an owner's perspective: Participants will be able to identify and describe owner considerations in selecting delivery models for their projects and best practices and strategies for successful collaborative delivery methods in transit projects, based on insights and experiences shared by leading project owners.

  2. Analyze and Compare Innovative Solutions in Transit Projects: Participants will be able to analyze and compare the innovative solutions and technologies being implemented in current and upcoming transit projects, as discussed by industry leaders.

  3. Summarize Challenges and Solutions in Urban Transit Development: Participants will be able to summarize key challenges encountered in urban transit development and the solutions adopted to overcome them, drawing on case studies and examples from the session.

  4. Predict and Plan for Future Opportunities in Transit Infrastructure: Participants will be able to predict future trends and plan for upcoming opportunities in transit infrastructure development, leveraging the knowledge and insights provided by transit sector project owners.

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May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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