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DBIA 101 – Best Practices and Legal Compliance for Owners and New Practitioners

May 2, 2024

Breakout Session 1

6:30 PM

Breakout Rooms

1 DBIA Credit Hour, 1 AIA LU

In this specialized session, industry experts will guide you through the complexities of project delivery methods. The session will focus on proven best practices and legal compliance, covering historical context, legal frameworks, and practical strategies for successful design-build implementation. This session is tailored for newcomers and provides a step-by-step guide to ensure a solid foundation for success in the collaborative and legal complexities of Design-Build projects.


  1. Describe the Evolution of Project Delivery Methods: Participants will be able to describe the historical context of project delivery, including the origins of the master builder, the impact of the Industrial Revolution, and the legal separation of design and construction, to understand the evolution leading to modern design-build practices.

  2. Identify Different Project Delivery Methods: Participants will be able to identify and compare various project delivery methods such as Design-Bid-Build, Construction Manager at Risk, Multi-Prime, and Design-Build, analyzing their unique characteristics, advantages, and challenges to determine the most suitable approach for specific project scenarios.

  3. Explain Design-Build Legal Frameworks: Participants will be able to explain the legal frameworks governing design-build projects in the Southwest Region, focusing on states like Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. They will understand the enabling legislation, third-party involvement requirements, and independent representatives' role.

  4. Apply Strategies for Successful Design-Build Implementation: Participants will be able to apply practical strategies for successfully executing design-build projects, including assembling the right project team, navigating the RFQ/RFP process, and fostering a collaborative design-build mindset focused on achieving project goals of cost, schedule, and quality.

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May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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