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Transportation & Aviation

Collaborative Delivery and Open Book Negotiations in Transportation Projects

May 2, 2024

Breakout Session 1

6:30 PM

Breakout Rooms

1 DBIA Credit Hour, 1 AIA LU

This program offers a comprehensive review of alternative models in alternative delivery, focusing on key elements such as selection criteria, contract structure, preconstruction phase services, and open book negotiations. The panel, featuring industry experts, will delve into the interrelationships of these components, providing valuable insights for both owners and contractors. Real project examples will be showcased to illustrate successes and lessons learned, offering a nuanced perspective from both sides of the collaboration. The session will cover selection criteria models, the mechanics of Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), strategic planning for pre-construction phase services, and the intricate process of open book negotiations. Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical knowledge and strategies to drive success in collaborative delivery within the transportation sector. Whether you're an owner or a contractor, this panel presentation promises to be a valuable exploration of effective alternative delivery methods and their implementation in real-world projects.


  1. Identify Key Elements in Alternative Delivery Models: Participants will be able to identify and describe key elements, such as selection criteria, contract structure, preconstruction phase services, and open book negotiations, integral to alternative delivery models in transportation projects. This includes recognizing their significance and interrelationships within the collaborative delivery framework.

  2. Analyze Real Project Examples: Attendees will develop the ability to analyze real project examples showcased during the program, gaining insights into successes and lessons learned. Through this, they will be able to investigate and assess the nuanced perspectives from both owners and contractors in collaborative delivery scenarios, extracting valuable lessons for future projects.

  3. Apply Selection Criteria Models and GMP Mechanics: After participating in the session, participants will be able to apply selection criteria models and comprehend the mechanics of Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) within alternative delivery structures. This involves planning and organizing the selection criteria, contract structures, and GMP mechanisms effectively in the context of transportation projects.

  4. Strategically Plan for Pre-construction Phase Services and Open Book Negotiations: Program attendees will acquire the skills to strategically plan and organize preconstruction phase services and navigate the intricate process of open book negotiations in transportation projects. This includes producing strategic plans that align with the collaborative delivery approach, ensuring effective project execution and stakeholder satisfaction.

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May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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