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Day 2 Keynote Breakfast - Infrastructure Innovations: A Cross-Sector Perspective on Design-Build

May 3, 2024

Plenary Breakfast

12:00 PM

Main Ballroom

1 DBIA Credit Hour, 1 AIA LU

Dive into the heart of innovation with our keynote session focusing on the evolving landscape of design-build and collaborative delivery. As the industry strides forward, learn about the transformative power of design-build in public works and transportation. Our panelists will unveil the intricacies of collaborative delivery models, including the impact of public-private partnerships and the pivotal role of sustainable and resilient design. Discover groundbreaking solutions to the industry's most complex challenges and the importance of community and stakeholder engagement in ensuring project success. This session also offers a glimpse into the future, with a preview of upcoming projects that promise to redefine the infrastructure of Houston, Harris County, and beyond.


  1. Describe the Evolution and Impact of Design-Build Practices: Participants will be able to describe how design-build practices have evolved within public works and transportation projects, including the impact on project delivery times, innovation, and cost efficiencies.

  2. Analyze Collaborative Delivery Models: Participants will be able to analyze various collaborative delivery models, such as public-private partnerships and construction manager at risk (CMAR), and evaluate their benefits and challenges in the context of public infrastructure projects.

  3. Apply Lessons Learned to Future Design-Build Projects: Participants will be able to apply lessons learned from case studies and expert insights discussed during the session to plan and predict the outcomes of future design-build projects within their respective fields.

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May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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