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Day 1 Keynote Lunch - Design-Build and Industry 5.0-The Sustainable Art of Reinventing the Wheel

May 2, 2024

Opening Plenary Lunch

4:30 PM

Main Ballroom

1 DBIA Credit Hour, 1 AIA HSW LU

In today's constantly evolving landscape, innovation is key, and Charles Pulliam stands out as a beacon of inspiration. He urges us to reimagine the design-build process through the lens of Industry 5.0. Join us on a journey of reinvention as we explore resilience, sustainability, and human centricity as the driving forces behind the transformation of construction.

Resilience is paramount in an era of constant change. Discover how resilience in design-build ensures adaptability, durability, and the capacity to overcome adversity. Charles Pulliam will shed light on constructing tall structures facing challenges, inspiring us to view setbacks as stepping stones to innovation.

The future belongs to those who build sustainably. Immerse yourself in eco-conscious design-build, where environmental stewardship is the driving force behind every decision. Charles Pulliam will unveil the secrets to creating spaces that thrive in harmony with nature, leaving a legacy of sustainability for generations to come. He will also emphasize the concept of "profitable wastelessness," where sustainability benefits the environment and drives profitability by minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

At the core of every construction project lies its purpose: to serve humanity. Explore the profound impact of human-centric design-build on our communities, workplaces, and lives. Charles Pulliam will challenge us to reinvent spaces prioritizing individual well-being and fulfillment, fostering environments where people can thrive.

Prepare to embark on a journey of innovation and transformation. Charles Pulliam's address promises to ignite your imagination and inspire you to rethink the construction industry using the principles of Industry 5.0. Let his words resonate as a call to action, urging you to reimagine design-build as the catalyst for progress.


1. Describe the Role of Resilience in Design-Build: Participants will learn how resilience in design-build projects ensures adaptability, durability, and the ability to overcome challenges

2. Explore Strategies for Sustainable Design-Build: Participants will examine strategies for profitable wastelessness and harmonious integration with nature and how decisions driven by environmental stewardship contribute to sustainability and leave a lasting legacy.

3. Explain the Concept of Human-Centric Design-Build: Participants will learn about the concept of human-centric design-build and its profound impact on communities, workplaces, and individual well-being. This will draw inspiration from Charles Pulliam's discussion on creating environments prioritizing human fulfillment and thriving.

4. Analyze Industry 5.0 Principles in Construction: Participants will analyze how the principles of Industry 5.0 can be applied to reinvent design-build practices. They will understand how innovation and transformation can be driven by embracing resilience, sustainability, and human centricity in construction projects.

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May 02, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
Houston, TX
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