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Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Program

Day 2

Breakout Session 4

4:40 PM

Bluegrass Room

1 Hour DBIA Credit

In December of 2022, the US Congress authorized the US Army Corps of Engineers to construct the Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Project – the largest ever civil works project ever undertaken by the Corps in its 240+ year History.  Here we provide a brief description of the project and discuss this massive undertaking using the latest innovations in GIS-based StoryMapping. Our path forward to pre-construction engineering and design will be highlighted, and potential contractor engagement will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will:

  1. Learn about the primary components of the CTX Program.

  2. Learn how these individual components might be implemented/sequenced across the 20-year design/construction event horizon.

  3. Learn what constraints exist, and how might these effect potential Design-Build Contracts in the future.

  4. Learn how interested parties will be engaged in the process.

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