You can earn your DBIA Designation without ever leaving the Southwest Region! Join us each year for the full series of DBIA designation courses in the Southwest Region while you broaden your Design-Build knowledge and learn your way to becoming a Designated Design-Build Professional.

DBIA remains in the forefront as the premier deliverer of high quality design-build education by working closely with industry experts to improve our objectives-based instructional material systematically and continually. This process includes the continual refinement of existing course materials, ongoing revitalization of previously administered courses, and development of new courses based on practitioner demand and changes in the industry and/or business environment.

DBIA’s “core courses” are the cornerstone of our educational program. These courses are required of all candidates of the Designated Design-Build Professional™ – DBIA professional designation program, as well as a requirement for the “Certificate of Mastery” program.


Anyone who wants to learn how to advance the education, public awareness, understanding and utility of design-build while obtaining credits towards a DBIA designation. The topics covered include the following:

  1. FUNDAMENTALS OF PROJECT DELIVERY: This online course – an update of our previous course entitled “Fundamentals of Design-Build Project Delivery” – provides a general overview of the attributes of all the major project delivery systems, procurement methodologies, and contracting approaches. It sets the stage for DBIA’s other core courses. (4 CEU’s)*
  2. PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN-BUILD PROJECT DELIVERY: This course addresses the use of design-build as a project delivery method, focusing on essential concepts and characteristics, as well as critical elements of the RFQ/RFP process and overall project management. It is an interactive, problem-solving course where students can take part in a structured team-learning environment. (8 CEU’s)*
  3. DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACT AND RISK MANAGEMENT: This course focuses on applying effective contracting language as well as insurance, bonding, and surety products, and strategies to successful design-build project delivery. Key issues relevant to public and private sector owners and design-build entity teams are addressed, making this seminar a must attend for anyone utilizing integrated project delivery. Emphasis will be placed on providing relevant legal, contracting, insurance, and risk management knowledge with strategies for applying this knowledge to the evaluation of your existing risk mitigation measures. (8 CEU’s)*
  4. POST-AWARD – MANAGING THE DESIGN-BUILD PROCESS: This course, introduced in 2010, is a must for anyone who has taken DBIA’s core courses and who is now ready to move on to a clear understanding of managing the design-build process. It will provide an overview of the construction and design-build contract management processes that are important as the construction phase ramps up. Attendees will discuss typical project schedules and discuss possible risk areas and ways to avoid delays. Instructors will discuss the design/construction interface and the responsibilities of each party (designer, builder, contract manager, user) in a design-build contract. In addition, the course includes a basic overview of the commissioning, testing and turnover phase of work. (8 CEU’s)*
  5. DESIGNATED DESIGN-BUILD PROFESSIONAL™ EXAM PREP COURSE: This online refresher course is specifically designed to help prepare you for the DBIA™ designation examination. Course content includes an overview of concepts learned in DBIA’s four core courses, with emphasis on the eight domain areas covered in the examination including:
    • Project Delivery
    • General Attributes of Design-Build
    • Project Team Organization
    • Procurement
    • Estimating/Specifying
    • Contracts and Legal
    • Project Management
    • Ethics/Professionalism

    This course is intended as a refresher only. Candidates should also study materials from DBIA’s core courses, as well as consider real-life experiences in preparing for the exam. (6 CEU’s) *

Registration for these and other stand-alone courses is available by calling DBIA National at (202) 682-0110, or register online using the DBIA education calendar. Mark the dates on your calendar now and tell your colleagues to join you on the FAST TRACK to designation!

*Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are AIA approved.