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The 2023 DBIA-SW Region Design-Build National Merit Award Winners

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) has once again brought to the forefront the exceptional accomplishments of the design-build community with the announcement of the 2023 National Design-Build Project/Team Merit Award Winners. Among the numerous projects vying for recognition, four outstanding ventures from the Southwest Region have emerged as shining examples of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in design-build. These winners, carefully selected by a panel of industry experts, have not only set new benchmarks for success but have also exemplified the transformative power of design-build in shaping the future of infrastructure and construction. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the winners in four distinct categories.

Federal/State/County/Municipal Category:

The new U.S. Courthouse in San Antonio replaces the outdated John H. Wood Jr. Courthouse, solving security and space issues. It's a 245,000 sq. ft. facility with 8 courtrooms and 13 judicial chambers, featuring advanced technology, modern systems, and local design inspirations. The design-build approach, led by Brasfield & Gorrie LLC, allowed cost-effective and time-efficient solutions. Originally traditional, the project shifted to design-build, allowing an early release package for foundation and steel scopes. This approach recovered lost time, delivering the project a month ahead of schedule within a $131.6 million budget. The courthouse exemplifies design-build's success in collaborative problem-solving, creating a modern, secure, and community-focused legal facility.

Industrial/Process/Research Facilities Category:

Intralox Hammond, a plastics manufacturing and distribution hub, exemplifies the prowess of design-build. The 400,000 sq. ft. structure seamlessly integrates existing operations, tripling capacity. With 19,200 cu yds of concrete and 2,700 tons of steel, this expansion met complex manufacturing needs. Employing innovative design-build practices, simultaneous documentation and value engineering expedited the project. Early subcontractor involvement and design-assist roles ensured precision. Unforeseen material procurement challenges were adeptly addressed using VDC technology. The team quickly adjusted to alternative solutions, maintaining fast-track delivery amid market volatility. The design-build approach, led by Broadmoor LLC, aligned the team's goals, resulting in a triumphant accomplishment. Intralox's vision came to life, exceeding expectations with operational functionality within 10 months. This $82.3 million endeavor showcases design-build's power to surmount challenges and deliver excellence.

Office/Commercial Buildings Category:

RiverSouth, a striking Class AA office tower in Austin's South-Central Waterfront, defies convention with a design that integrates beauty, function, and connectivity. Overcoming site challenges, the architects shaped a stone base mirroring nearby bluffs to protect against flooding, while faceted glass above captures reflections, visually harmonizing with its surroundings. Inside, floor-to-ceiling glass provides unobstructed views, and rooftop spaces offer panoramic city vistas. Beyond aesthetics, RiverSouth pioneers smart technology, harnessing A.I. for efficient systems coordination, aided by 6,000+ sensors. This exemplar of sustainability and innovation aligns with Austin's vision framework, interconnecting corridors, parks, trails, and affordable housing. The design-build collaboration, led by The Beck Group, delivers a $120 million masterpiece that blends connectivity, sustainability, and community well-being, setting the tone for future developments.

Transportation Category:

The SH 249 Extension project was a response to rapid regional growth and transport inefficiencies in Grimes and Montgomery Counties. Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) aimed to enhance safety, reduce congestion, and drive economic development. WBCCI, LLC, led the design-build collaboration. The 24-mile expansion, divided into a 14-mile tollway and a 10-mile Super 2 non-tolled highway, faced complex challenges such as environmental considerations, traffic disruptions, and coordination with various stakeholders. Innovative solutions emerged, including a revised permitting strategy to save time and floodwater storage design to minimize downstream effects. This $607.5 million endeavor exemplifies successful design-build teamwork, fostering connectivity, safety, and regional progress while overcoming multifaceted hurdles in a 60-month construction period.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of these four outstanding projects and their dedicated design-build teams, we are reminded of the profound impact that design-build has on our communities, industries, and future. The 2023 DBIA-SW Region Design-Build Merit Award Winners stand as living embodiments of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, reinforcing the DBIA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of high performance and optimizing triple-bottom line success. As these merit winners move on to compete for the prestigious National Award of Excellence and other accolades, we eagerly anticipate the continued influence of design-build in shaping the built environment of tomorrow.

To learn more about these award-winning projects and the DBIA Awards Jury's selection process, visit DBIA's Project/Team Awards page.

Join us in honoring these remarkable achievements at the upcoming DBIA Design-Build Conference & Expo Awards Ceremony on November 2, 2023, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD.


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