Calendar of Events

April 30

DBIA Design Management Fundamentals Course
TEXO Offices
Dallas, Texas
Advanced registration required!

May 1 & 2

DBIA-SW 10th Annual Conference
Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Dallas, Texas
Registration is now open!

May 1

DBIA-SW Board Meeting
Dallas, Texas

June 2 - 6

DBIA Certification Workshop
TEXO Offices
Fort Worth, Texas
Advanced registration required!

June 10

DBIA-SW Executive Council Meeting
Conference Call

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DBIA Southwest Region's 2013-2014 Committees



The DBIA-SW Board acted in the May meeting to reaffirm our standing committees as follows with chairpersons noted:

Chairpersons Noted:


  1. Legal - Timothy D. Matheny.
  2. Education - Hugh Sanford, DBIA, LEED AP, and David Bloxom, DBIA
  3. Legislative - Douglas Herbst, DBIA.
  4. Membership - Drew Yaggy, P.E., DBIA.
  5. Programs - Vacant
  6. Marketing - Drew Yaggy, P.E., DBIA, and David Bloxom, DBIA

If you are interested in serving on any of the above SWR committees, please contact the chairperson. Or you can contact for more details.