Calendar of Events

October 5

DBIA Design Management Course
Sheraton Dallas Downtown
Dallas, TX
Advanced registration required!

October 6

DBIA-SW Board/Strategic Planning Meeting
Sheraton Dallas Downtown
Dallas, TX

October 6

DBIA-SW Networking Reception @ DBIA National Conference
Sheraton Dallas Downtown
Dallas, TX

November 11

DBIA-SW Executive Council Meeting
Conference Call

Dec. 9

DBIA-SW Board Meeting
Conference Call

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DBIA Southwest Region's 2014-2015 Committees



The DBIA-SW Board acted in the May meeting to reaffirm our standing committees as follows with chairpersons noted:

Chairpersons Noted:


  1. Legal - Timothy D. Matheny.
  2. Education - Hugh Sanford, DBIA, LEED AP, and David Bloxom, DBIA
  3. Legislative - Douglas Herbst, DBIA.
  4. Membership - Vacant
  5. Programs - Vacant
  6. Marketing - David Bloxom, DBIA

If you are interested in serving on any of the above SWR committees, please contact the chairperson. Or you can contact for more details.